Barclays SFTR Client Delegated Reporting

May 2024

Barclays’ list of known material errors in the delegated trade reporting service potentially impacting the completeness and accuracy of reporting is listed below.

Field Name Description
Reference ID This is an internal Barclays Reference, please quote this if you require any further information on this issue
Status This will identify any new, open or closed issues
Field Impacted field
Summary Description of issue
Regulatory Body Impacted Regulatory Body
Asset Class(es) Asset Classes impacted
Regulatory Risk Estimated % impact on overall trade volume (High >5%, Medium 1-5%, Low <1%)
Reporting Impact Accuracy, Completeness or Timeliness issue
Publication Date Date added to Portal

Internal – Transaction Reporting

Reference ID




Regulatory Body

Asset Class(es)

Regulatory Risk

Reporting Impact

Publication Date



Non-commercial loans trades

As per ESMA guidelines - "Corporate lending for commercial purpose" / "commercial loans" are not reportable. In OneReg, there is existing logic since SFTR Go-Live to suppress such trades, However, it is observed that current logic is not correct and we are suppressing genuine non commercial loans trades as well.


Fixed Income Finance, Securities Lending



May 2024




We are receiving from upstream a UTI with an invalid character which is causing DTCC rejections. EU SFTR

Fixed Income Finance

Low Completeness May 2024


Whilst you have appointed Barclays to carry out trade reporting on your behalf, pursuant to the provisions of EU SFTR and/or UK SFTR, you retain responsibility for ensuring that any reports submitted are accurate, and to check them for completeness. Clients with DTCC accounts are able to log on to check their trade reports have been submitted accurately. We encourage you to do this, and to let us know if you believe there are any errors in the reporting of your trades by contacting For clients who have not previously opened a DTCC account please contact 'GTR Support' for service information and registration details. Further DTCC information on onboarding options for prospective clients can be found at:

Barclays is unable to provide you with advice and, as a result, you should ascertain, using such advice as you deem necessary, your own regulatory obligations, including whether you should be notifying your local regulator of any errors which may have an impact on your trade reporting. Whilst Barclays is liaising with its relevant regulatory authorities regarding its own trade reporting obligations, this will not extend to your own trade reporting obligations.

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